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Chris Ryan
Chris Ryan discovered a hidden passion for photography during his first road trip across the Great West. What he refers to as his “Awakening”. He drove over 5,000 miles across several states capturing images from sunrise until sunset. Staying at various National and State parks scattered along the way. He set out to get lost in the great outdoors but never expected to find himself. It was an epic journey that produced some of his most lasting works. When not travelling Chris lives in Ventura County, CA. Capturing nearby Rancho Ventura Conservation Trust.
Mike Lydon
Outreach Coordinator
Matthew Shuey
Content Creator
Hi there! I love the idea of preserving Ventura's iconic Two Trees, agricultural resources, and history. I help out with developing marketing concepts, web development and content creation. Follow my socials or visit my website to learn more about me.
Marty Melvin
Grant Writer