Volunteer Job Descriptions

Volunteering is essential to the success of the Rancho Ventura Conservation Trust. Whatever your skill, knowledge or interest, there’s a part you can play in making us a success!

Trail Outings Assistant

Do you love hiking? We do too! We’re in need of assistants to help us with our outings. Trail outings assistant duties range from helping the hike lead to set up events, help with guest registration, passing out water, keeping the group together and assisting guests with special needs. Volunteers will be contacted ahead of scheduled hiking dates.

Trail Docent / Naturalist

RVCT has need of Trail Docents and Naturalists with specialized knowledge and skills about our local flora and fauna, history, nature and outdoor skills who have willingness and ability to share this knowledge with others. Volunteers will lead and assist with hikes and nature walks, outings, bird watching events, school field trips, habitat restoration events, Conservation Ambassador events or more depending on expertise. They will work to communicate the mission, vision and goals of the Rancho Ventura Conservation Trust and foster a greater appreciation of the great outdoors. If you think you have the knowledge, skills and/or experience required to give our guests the best experience possible then we would like to hear from you!

Weed Warriors (Land Stewards)

Invasive weeds are BAD for the environment. They can out-compete native plants, reduce native biodiversity and cause immense harm native ecosystems, increase fuel loads for wildfire and are in fact the second greatest threat to endangered species after habitat destruction. Here at the Rancho Ventura Conservation Trust we have been practicing holistic range management for years. Part of that commitment is controlling and eradicating weeds from our lands. We can’t always do it on our own however, this is where volunteering comes in! Our weed warriors are our front-line attack on invasive weeds here on the RVCT. Committed volunteers will be an essential part of land stewardship by playing a part in habitat restoration efforts. Duties include, of course, helping to eradicate and or manage invasive weeds, but also may include, helping with habitat restoration projects, such as the Oak Woodlands Restoration Project, planting native plants, irrigation maintenance and much more! We will be hosting weed control events periodically and we would love your help.

Office Volunteers

There is much need for support in the office too! RVCT Periodically needs extra hands to help with our in-office projects. Projects include outreach and fundraising efforts, mailings, donor database entry and filing and much more. Office volunteers will be contacted on an as needed basis or at the onset of an office project.

Events Volunteer

Are you the kind of person who would like to represent us at our events? We need assistance with various events thorough the year both on and off the Rancho Ventura Conservation Trust. Example duties may include, set-up and take down, ushering guests, taking tickets etc. Event volunteers will be contacted ahead of scheduled events.

Conservation Ambassador Leadership Academy Volunteer

Rancho Ventura Conservation Trust leadership academy is a special program hosted on Trust land that teaches children about agriculture, land stewardship, farming and ranching, career building and hands-on immersive learning. We are seeking volunteer camp counselors, educators etc. that wish to help contribute to our Leadership Academy.

Outreach Volunteer

Outreach Volunteers help to represent the RVCT at the many community events. Duties include informing and answering questions of about our mission, vision goals and programs, passing out fliers tabling at events and set up and take down duties.

Volunteers with Specific Skills

Are you a professional Wildlife Biologist who wants to study our resident animals? Are you a talented artist who wants to host a landscape painting event? Are you a fundraising guru with a great idea for us? We want to know about your bright ideas and how you can contribute to the success of the RVCT as a volunteer!

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