About Us

Rancho Ventura Conservation Trust is organized as 501(c) 3 entity dedicated to permanently conserving and enhancement of the Ventura Foothills above the City of Ventura. The Mission of Rancho Ventura Conservation Trust is to protect the natural diversity, scenic open space, and agricultural vitality of our Ventura County ranch and coastal areas.

Development pressure in the Ventura Foothills is intense due to critical housing shortages in the area. The current 860 acres of Trust land,  752 acres of land under purchase agreement, and neighboring properties are some of the last remaining undeveloped, coastal view land of its size in coastal Ventura County. With the acquisition of the additional acreage the Trust will be on its way to eventually preserving more than 4,000 acres for open space, critical habitat, endangered species protection and rangeland preservation.

The preserved area has tremendous potential to benefit the local community. Structured public access recreational programs will be initiated with preference given to the least intrusive activities for the preserved properties. These programs include guided hikes, bird watching, photography events, guided hikes to the famed Two Trees Historical Landmark, and establishment of educational programs such as “Conservation Ambassador’s” program for local students to learn about land preservation and agriculture.

For more information please explore our website, visit us on social media or contact us directly.

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